A sizzle meat and barbecue heat blended perfectly with great times and wonderful friends



The Cutt presents a delightful grilling experience where we always ensure only the finest quality is touching our authentic grill. We assuredly embrace you with our grill culinary, humble yet delectable cuisine. Each of meat comes up with freshest and tastiest ingredients. Your desire of spectacular meats with warm atmosphere and affordable price is proudly fulfilled by us.


 Eat Together

Let’s dine out where everything dish up superbly on your designated table!


What is the Best Steak?Choose the best cut of beef


Classic chicken fried steak, steak cutlets, pounded thin, breaded, fried.


With the fresh, daily, seafood and high quality ort and exitement

The Cutt is heaven to our valued customers as one of the best barbecue spot in town. Build up with rustic-industrial theme, it is a truly reflection of creativity that combines between modern lifestyle and wooden ancient way. The Cutt is creating a casual yet comfortably warm situation where people  spend their precious time, chill out and feel at home

Our kitchen is open its door from 8am to 11pm daily. With a range selection of premium beef, chicken and seafood you will be pleased with our barbecue spot. Make sure to complete your eating list with our irresistible steak, try the sensation of perfectly moist

wagyu ribs that accompanied with flavourful side dish. We allow you feel the heat and enjoy every tempting meals from our kitchen.

Neither for lovely lunches and hearty dinners, our grill meats are always landing a good mouth-field. Here at The Cutt, we are using Australians meats with a very special treatment as well newly harvested vegetables for the side dish which is an extra benefits to keep your body beautiful in addition having a healthy mind. We surely wash every ingredients cleanly and only use the best quality kitchenware in the making.


We cherished every customer with the highest quality imported meats. The Cutt always ensure a healthy dine provided day by day, delicately sourced to maintain a sustainable thoughtfulness. We believe our meals are good for maintaining your body nutrition, as in fact  the meat is an excellent source of protein which is essential to our health



Crave your indulgence with something fresh and sweet! Besides meat we are also served a sweet treat for you, our delightful slice of wonder is totally perfect to finished your full meal entrees. Satisfy your sweet crave by enjoy our delightful cakes.


Our heart-warming ribs, seafood and steak are seasoned authentically through our wood-grilled technique. In order to keep your balanced life,  we always cook our specialty without too much oil. You can ask our team regarding small sodium amount which hand-seasoned by our kitchen. We let you control the sodium amount on your meals.


All captivating grill meats are escorted by various dipping sauce, smoothly pick your treasured one between Mushroom, Barbecue & Black pepper sauce! Our dressing is exquisitely made by  chef’ secret recipe, great combinations of healthy yet tasteful ingredients. We absolutely recommend you to try the most favorable one, The Black Black pepper sauce!